01 July 2020
The 43rd Academic Year was Successfully Completed

The 43rd Academic Year was Successfully Completed

Another Academic Year, the 43rd, was successfully completed, despite all the difficulties that we have successfully addressed, and we warmly congratulate everyone for his contribution!

With the final presentations of the degree by the students, the current Academic Year was formally completed at all three ICBS campuses of the  Colleges, in Thessaloniki, Athens and Larissa. Despite the difficulties created by the pandemic, the students managed to complete successfully their required assignments, take part in the exams and completed the presentations on time. And they already are preparing for their next step. For graduates, this will be a new beginning in their lives and careers. For everyone else, it is the preparation for the new Academic Year. Of course, the holiday season is coming!

The unprecedented pandemic that we have all experienced has affected us, but it has not stopped us from achieving our goals. All together-Students, Teachers and Executives - we moved quickly, showed flexibility, adaptability, patience and prudence, so, we succeeded. The ONLINE process through elearning.icbs.gr went smoothly. The "classes" were full, and no lessons were lost. Knowledge continued its flow seamlessly and allowed us to complete another Academic Year with complete success!


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